Thank you all so very much for coming out and supporting the KOZ on Saturday - I can't express how much it meant to me and everyone else that was involved in making it what it was. This event has been two years in the making now and the wait was well worth it. We hope to eventually have these benefit concerts turn into a monthly or quarterly series, making them bigger and better with every show. So, please help us achieve that, and improve the organization as a whole, by filling out this brief survey.
T-shirt designs. *
During our drawing events with the kids, we leave the theme wide open - paint whatever you'd like. We don't want to limit the kids' creativity or expression and as a result, we get some incredibly authentic artworks and explanations. From the standpoint of t-shirt design, however, please tell us what you think of our Blue Label, or child-designed, t-shirts. (go to to see all the child-designed t-shirts)
How likely are you to wear one of our shirts? *
Framing the artwork, making the designs bigger, round instead of rectangular, etc.
Our artist tags currently ask the children to fill out the following: name, name of artwork, explanation, signature, bio, age, message/note/quote, and what makes me happy. Instead of bio or message/note/quote, is there anything else that you would be interested in learning or knowing about the kids? What would you ask them in person?
Open a new tab and go to Is it easy to navigate and find everything?
How clear was our organization's model at the Benefit Concert? *
Our main model is having kids battling cancer paint whatever it is they feel like expressing, we then bring those designs to life by printing them onto t-shirts, and once sold, the proceeds benefit childhood cancer research. Was that made apparent at the event?
Every Penny Report *
We are eager to become the most transparent nonprofit organization around. We plan to post every penny donated and every penny spent so that donors know exactly where their money is going. Is this something that you would be interested in viewing, as a donor - please choose from the following:
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