I am beyond thrilled to finally announce to you all the launch of our Benefit Concert Series! We've been planning this event for quite some time now and have been eager for what it could accomplish and the experience it could deliver. 

The concept of a benefit concert isn't a novel one by any means, but we intend to deliver it with a little twist. We are scaling down the infrequent, giant/gala type benefit concerts into tiny bite-sized chunks that are offered once a month. By doing it in a smaller, more intimate space, attendees will be given the opportunity to better learn and inquire about the cause, view our collection with the option to purchase, participate in activities/projects, and to simply enjoy their favorite musical artists with a small gathering of other like-minded fans. 

Finally, on the pursuit of becoming the most transparent nonprofit organization, we will be posting a detailed breakdown of every penny raised and how every penny will be spent. Keep a lookout for the report at jointheKOZ.org/penny.